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Hier gibt es übrigens eine informative Seite über weisse Haie in der Adria:

We’re celebrating Shark Week, and wat better place to start than with the most feared of them all the white shark. Italy is known for its beautiful coast, tranquil seas and peaceful beaches, but what a lot of tourists don’t know is that the Mediterranean contains 43 different species of shark, including the most dangerous of all the fearsome great white shark. Since 1909 40 people have been directly attacked by Great Whites in the Mediterranean. There have been 10 sightings of Great Whites in Italy in the last 30 years and one reported attack off the coast of Piombino Tuscany in 1989.

Luciano Costanzo, a 47-year-old scuba diver, went out spearfishing with his 19-year-old son and a friend one mile off the coast of Piombino in Tuscany, near the island of Elba, not knowing that he would soon encounter a shark, believed to be a Great White and measuring 6 metres long. Luciano was a professional scuba diver, whose job that day was to dive down and clear an electrical pipeline of build-up. His son and friend stayed on the boat and when Luciano was down at the bottom of the sea, chipping away with his hammer something happened that we will never know.
From a depth of about 22 metres, Costanzo suddenly surfaced, screamed, “Shark!” frantically waving his arms and lunged for the boat. Luciano’s son later recounted how his father was circled by a Great White shark twice before it bit down on his right flank before dragging him under. The shark then leapt out of the water twice, its jaws clamped around Costanzo, before vanishing and notching the Mediterranean’s first reported shark attack in nearly three decades. “I clearly saw my father in the mouth of the shark,” his son, Gianluca, later said. “The water became red with my father’s blood.”

Three days later, a dive team searching with an underwater camera found only flippers, a weight belt, and two scuba tanks with tooth marks in them. The shark was never captured. An inquest in a Milan court later concluded that Luciano had died as the result of an attack by a man-eating great white shark.
On the 28th of December 1908 the city of Messina, Sicily was devastated by an earthquake, the resulting tsunami took about 123,000 lives in Sicily and Calabria, many of the bodies were swept out to sea. About two weeks after the event a large Great White was landed off the coat of Catania. When it was cut open they found inside three intact bodies, a man, a woman and a young girl – they were never identified.

A Great White shark landed at Tonnara di Favignana, Sicily in 1981
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